Monday, January 20, 2020

Therapeutic Workshops


Angels Without Wings Provides the following therapeutic workshops:Angels Without WingsLogo

Understanding Trauma:

Traumatic life events can have a devastating impact on an individual, but it doesn't stop there. An individual’s trauma can have a massive impact on family, friends and the wider community. This workshop enable individuals to understand the physical, psychological, emotional, financial and social impact of trauma in its widest context. Participants can learn to identify symptoms of trauma and various strategies to manage and overcome them.


Mindfulness is an approach used to support individuals to reframe negative patterns of thinking in order for them to gain mastery of their emotional wellbeing. This way of being enables an individual to observe thoughts without judgement, criticism or self-limiting belief. Being able to review the world with 'the beginners mind' allows individuals to see things as though for the first time - as though they were looking at the same experience through a different lens of life. However mindfulness requires lifestyle change as well as mindful change to be most effective.

Know your limits:

This workshop is for professionals and none professional alike to explore the impact of having no limits within their work life. Individuals explore their relationship to their job and the impact their job has on themselves, family, friends and the wider community. When individuals have no barometer to gage when they are crossing the work-life balance the consequences can be costly; health often being the main area that is negatively impacted when individuals do not know their limits in relation to saying 'No'.

Behind the Mask:

Getting through life is a challenge. The masks we wear help us navigate the many roles and responsibilities we have, but what happens when the masks we wear hinder rather than help us. This workshop explores the roles of the various masks we wear and their purpose, it also provides an opportunity for participants to explore when it's safe to take 'the mask' off and be your authentic self. This workshop uses various emotional masks from the Trestle Mask theatre Company to explore, embody and project various aspects of themselves in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Seasons Reason:

This series of workshops specifically uses the four nature season to explore the various seasons of life and what we can learn from them. Each workshop takes place just before the season change incorporating the two solstices and the equinoxes. Metaphors and natural elements features heavily in these sessions, providing an opportunity for participants to explore nature in a creative and fun way.


Angels Without Wings can tailor make workshops to your specific client group or particular need.